1)Rich and inexpensive supply of raw materials.
The mature plate production and processing industries around us provide us with a low and abundant supply of raw materials.
2)Low labor costs
Cheap labor reduces our manufacturing costs.
3)Low operating costs
Government's preferential support policy makes companies operation with low cost
4)Low transportation costs.
We could deliver container from our city to port by railway, and the cost is much lower than truck transportation.
5)Mature industry chain
Mature heat treatment, galvanized and other industrial chain supporting industries enable us to perform surface treatment at a low cost.
6)Highly competitive market
The washer industry in our city has nearly 30 years’ history. The market and time have eliminated plenty of companies that are of poor quality and are not sincere. Our factory has survived with its own sincerity and pragmatic attitude in the historical trend. Our products are mainly supplied to foreign trade companies in Shanghai, Tianjin and Hebei in China, and also exported to Europe, North America, and South America, and have received favorable comments from customers.
7) Good policy from government
Our export company, Linyi Free Trade Zone Flowers Supply Chain Co.,Ltd enjoys special policy from government that could provide customer with cheaper price.